" David Robson, “With profits of the mind”, writing in New Scientist, 19th April 2014

You’re scared of me

Wolverine doesn’t do spoiler warnings.

In The Flesh | Coming Soon Trailer

Bryan Singer

Some great film-makers discussing great films - as fascinating as it sounds.

Including Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, Sam Mendes, Christopher Nolan, Bryan Singer, Jon Favreau, Darren Aronofsky, Joss Whedon…

And they don’t all say Citizen Kane - there’s also Toy Story, The Lord of the Rings, Airplane!, The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, The Godfather, Blade Runner, Eternal Sunshine…

Seriously, read it.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch will play Richard III in the BBC’s second series of Shakespeare’s History plays.

Front display of radio

At the apex of the Cold War, radio lovers across the globe started to notice bizarre broadcasts on the airwaves. Starting with a weird melody or the sound of several beeps, these transmissions might be followed by the unnerving sound of a strange woman’s voice counting in German or the creepy voice of a child reciting letters in English.

Encountering these shortwave radio messages, many radio hams concluded that they were being used to send coded messages across extremely long distances. Coming across one of them was a curious experience. Radio enthusiasts gave them colourful names like the “Nancy Adam Susan”, “The Lincolnshire Poacher,” “The Swedish Rhapsody” or “The Gong Station.”

This is some weird Night Vale / Scarfolk shit

Trailer for In The Flesh series 2 [x]

Dead Set

- Oh my god! You’ve killed her! You’ve killed her! You’ve killed Davina!
- I hired her. I can do what I like.

Channel 4 TV series, created by Charlie Brooker


Premise: The zombie apocalypse hits Britain during a series of Big Brother. The housemates and the production team have to band together in an effort to survive.

Zombies: Flesh-eating, mindless walking dead. I’d say classic, but they can run. They’re infectious. The cause of the outbreak is unknown.

Why I like it: This is perhaps the most traditional zombie thing I’m writing about in this series of posts, because it explicitly casts the zombies as “the mob”, and draws connections between their mindless monstrousness and some of less appealing aspects of contemporary society, Romero used them as a symbol for unthinking consumerist capitalism, and blockades his survivors in a shopping mall. Brooker uses them as a symbol for brainless mass-media and the culture it thrives in, and so blockades his survivors in the Big Brother house. Amazingly, the real and very game production company behind BB made this show, providing access to the real house, the real team, etc. Brooker makes excellent use of what could easily be a gimmick. Davina McCall (UK household name light-entertainment TV presenter if you’re not familiar with her, and the real presenter of BB) appears as both herself and as a frighteningly convincing zombie - her feasting on a corpse’s innards is a hard image to forget. Fair play to her. She rivals and possibly beats newreader Krishnan Guru Murthy’s appearance in Shaun of the Dead advising survivors to fend off attackers “by removing the head or destroying the brain”. Cameos from a few real former housemates add to the nightmare realism. It’s typical Charlie Brooker  - ultra-cynical, pretty nihilistic social criticism. It may not be the most original of the zombie books and shows I’m writing about but it transcends this with its total conviction. It is the most grim and gory (The Walking Dead-level ickiness). If you like it, go and look up the similarly excellent but soul-destroying Black Mirror series by Brooker too.

View from a moving train just outside Penrith, April 2014


In the Flesh:

BAFTA nominated zombie drama ‘In the Flesh’ returns soon to BBC Three. Meet the characters from the new series & bite into this juicy press-pack for all the latest info: 

Highasakite - Iran


Highasakite - Iran

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  • Origin : Oslo (Norway)

Got bored on a conference call.


to this day whenever it plays I feel like somehow I’m being rick-rolled

I was born rick-rolled - no.1 in the UK on my birthday

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